Barron's - "The Emerging Markets Century is very readable and loaded with ideas"

Newsweek - "As Antoine van Agtmael says in a fascinating new book...the household names of today—be they companies such as IBM, Shell or Sony—are in danger of becoming the has-beens of tomorrow"

Publisher's Weekly - "The author has long acquaintance with these companies and shrewd insight into their strengths and weaknesses'

Booklist - "This is an excellent book, with valuable information not only for investors but also for corporate management"


International Finance Corporation (IFC) interviews Antoine van Agtmael (long version -- short version) "IFC Innovator Coins Emerging Markets Term - During his tenure at IFC in the 1980s, Antoine van Agtmael created the world’s first "emerging markets" investment fund in developing countries, coining the term in the process. Van Agtmael tells IFC how he came up with the term, a turning point in the successful launch of investment funds in developing countries."

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Link to the homepage of Emerging Markets Management, L.L.C., the investment company founded by Antoine van Agtmael.