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Table of Contents

Introduction: The Emergence of Emerging Markets


Part I: Globalization Has No Borders

Chapter 1: Who’s Next?

How emerging multinationals you’ve never heard of will eat your lunch, take your job or possibly be your next business partner or employer

Chapter 2: Against The Odds
The Strategies that propelled Leading Emerging Multinationals into World Class Corporations

Part II: The New Breed: World Class Emerging Multinationals

Chapter 3: From Under the Radar Screen: Building Emerging Global Brands

Samsung and Concha y Toro are setting new trends

Chapter 4: Other Roads to Brand Leadership: Buy it or it may drop in your lap
Lenovo buys IBM ThinkPad, Haier tries to buy Maytag and Corona Beer has its accidental iconic brand

Chapter 5: China’s Largest Exporters… are Taiwanese
Building a global presence behind a veil of anonymity, Hon Hai and Yu Yuen make your computers, cell phones, and shoes

Chapter 6: From Imitators to Innovators
Taiwan’s TSMC and High Tech win by reinventing industries and products

Chapter 7: Your Next Global Employer?
Hyundai and Cemex want to be close to their customers everywhere

Chapter 8: Turning the Outsourcing Model Upside Down
Brazilian Plane Maker Embraer stays in the driver’s seat with suppliers in the developed world

Chapter 9: Commodity Producers that Redefined their Industries
CVRD, Posco and Aracruz defied conventional wisdom … and the odds

Chapter 10: Alternative Energy Producers
South Africa’s Sasol makes oil out of coal and gas, Brazil’s cars use biofuels, and Argentina’s Tenaris makes pipes seamless enough to be used deep under the ocean or in Arctic climates

Chapter 11: The Revolution in Cheap Brainpower
India’s Infosys and Ranbaxy transform the worlds of software design and generics

Chapter 12: Soaps for the World and Other Media stories
Mexico’s Televisa, India’s Bollywood, and Korean game makers appeal to worldwide audiences
Part III: Turning Threats into Opportunities


Part III: Turning Threats Into Opportunities


Chapter 13: A Creative Response
Don’t be defensive or stick your head in the sand – develop new policies and strategies


Part IV: An Investor’s Resource


Chapter 14: Investing in the Emerging Markets Century: Ten Rules
A long-time investor looks at pride and prejudice in emerging market investing


Financial Profiles of 25 World-Class Emerging Multinationals




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